Hello! I’m Hanna Rose, a freelance software engineer, linux system administrator, LGBTQIA+ and Trans rights activist, as well as open source software enthusiast. I have been doing software development since the age of 16 as a hobby, and later on doing it as freelance and as a contracted job. My main languages are TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, Rust, and Zig, however I have experience in a lot more, just not at an proficient level. If you wish to contact me, you can get my contact information on the Contact Page.

While I have a GitHub, I personally do not use it all that often and usually prefer to put my projects on my Codeberg instead. If you would like to contribute to my projects you would need to create an account to make issues/subscribe to mailing lists I create, or in a simpler case just send me email patches that can be applied. If this is a problem then throw me an email and we’ll see what we can do to work together instead.

I am also the administrator of a Misskey instance that can be accessed at lgbt.pm, it serves as a safe space for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community within the fediverse, I personally chose Misskey over Mastodon due to some choices the lead developer of Mastodon made, such as not implementing search and being able to quote other users posts, along with it’s superior level of customization.

SSH Key: 41:4d:71:32:13:0e:e4:b7:db:d1:d6:ec:76:d9:86:a8
PGP Key: FC5FBE08B15E383CB4B6F2255BD46D85D826368E