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I Hate Technology

Recently I had to update my email on all my accounts, keys, and more, and this quite simple to do, you simply open up a terminal, run the following commands and you're able to add a new email/uid to the GPG key:

gpg --edit-key <key id here>
gpg> adduid
gpg> uid <uid here>
gpg> primary
gpg> save

But there comes a large amount of pain and frustration when it comes anything related to git if you want to remove a email or uid from a key. I literally have 3 different UIDs/emails on my GPG key because if you remove a email from the key, it invalidates literally all commits using the removed email. This is honestly so fucking stupid to me. Like I get it, once the email is removed and you re-add the key to with the email removed the authored email on the commit is practically no longer existent on the key itself, so it's unverified, but what frustrates me most about this is there is literally no easy way to resign the commits without changing the dates on every single commit and also changing the commit hash.

I suppose this post should be really called "I fucking hate Git", but honestly this problem roots from using GPG to sign my commits in general, but i'd rather have my commits signed and verified than having my commits unverified/unsigned so people could push a commit on a organization repository or something and impersonate me by pushing a commit under my name/email.

This is less of a informative post and more of a rant/vent. I just find tech so fucking frustrating sometimes. On the note of technology being frustrating recently I upgraded my phone from a Google Pixel 2, to a Google Pixel 3a XL, not only because the Pixel 2 no longer receives updates (fuck you Google!) but also because my phone was literally starting to glitch out, and when I say glitch out it was: failing to charge (partially the cord, partially the phone itself), randomly restarting when there's 20% battery left, having UI glitches (such as the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen sometimes not rotating with the screen), among other things.

Honestly I need a fucking break from technology, also, I will probably be at some point changing the domain for this website, because Namecheap support is fucking ass and I'm unable to recover my account from a fucking 2FA lockout! Luckily the app that corrupted all my 2FA stuff, was fixed, and I've recovered all my accounts besides Namecheap itself, I'll be communicating this to people I've interviewed with to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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