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Regarding Cancel Culture

One very present thing in the world of social media happens to be the phenomenon known as cancel culture. It's quite literally everywhere you look, but it is most prominent on websites and apps such as twitter. While there is certain cases where someone definitely needs to learn their place, face the inevitable consequences of their actions and deal with it, there is other times where this "culture" happens to be just a mob of angry people, simply because someone said so.

This attitude of attacking others because someone else simply said they did or said something is purely toxic and has no constructive elements to it. The sad part is it seems to be even more prevalent on the minority side of the internet communities like anyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, this also brings up another point in where people will sometimes (not always) use their disability or the fact their part of this minority as a sort of "pivot point" or advantage over others, which in my opinion isn't right in it's own regard.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that this all seems to spring from one specific emotion, if that emotion isn't obvious it's hatred, either towards someone else, or towards someone's self. Hatred is one of the stronger emotions to deal with, it's the backing emotion behind other emotions such as greed, envy, and other similar emotions, even jealousy is in a sense backed by a sense of hatred.

While I understand that this is a very heated and controversial topic, I do honestly beieve this is something that needs to be said, as soon as possible as it looks like from an outsider perspective that it's only getting worse as time marches onwards. Being able to hate someone for something is easy, but forgiving someone for something is easier said than done, and while most people believe that not everything should be forgiven (and obviously, things like murder should not in any case be forgiven), hating someone for something that happened years if not decades ago is beyond ridiculous.

As I close off my opinions and view of this subject I want to mention that this is purely my opinions and beliefs on this, this is in no way fact checked or "true to the word" in regards of research or otherwise. People will be people and everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, and I am in no right to push my own onto them.

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