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Why I Switched To Ghost

For a while my blog originally was generated statically via the static site generator Hugo, however while having the ability for my blog content to be static generated, being forced to use something like Visual Studio Code or other editors that have support for markdown felt more like a weight on my shoulders than it did an upside. So recently I decided to rewrite my site from scratch, you can see the current source code for it here. It's written in pure HTML, and uses written-by-hand SCSS compiled and deployed by Cloudflare Pages.

So over the past week I've been revamping my entire website, including my blog, my actual website is completely static and running statically, server-less. However, this blog that now uses ghost is running on a cheap Amazon ec2 instance inside a docker container, and proxied by Caddy. It's a very simple setup but it works and ghost has been an absolute joy to use so far, so I'll probably end up keeping it.

I've been a fan of Ghost for a while, their dashboard has immensely improved as well and I love it, there is a few things I dislike compare to hugo, such as having to use things like PrismJS for code highlighting, this has become a little.. messy.

Overall I think setting up Ghost and using it for my blog has major upsides, including, but not limited to the following in my opinion:

  1. Built in WYSIWYG markdown editor
  2. Support for subscriptions, and private blogs
  3. Integrations with Slack, GitHub, and more
  4. Amazingly built dashboard

I don't think every blog should use ghost, as not everyone has the resources to self host it, or pay for a cloud hosted instance to use it, but for those that can, and think it will improve their blogging experience, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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