The Human Singularity

Warning: This gets into really heated and controversial topics.

Ever since the beginning when people started to realize that they should fight for what they believe in, what they’re comfortable with, and who they are, there seems to be a movement, dare I say erasure or genocide aimed directly at those who finally feel like they’re starting to fit in with the world or feel like they finally feel like themselves. This is what I’m going to call “The Human Singularity”, as it seems the governments, corporates, and society all want us to abide to their views, in essence erasing, or censoring, variety and personality. This is very dystopian in itself, but we’re going to go into detail about how truly dystopian it is, and why it needs to be prevented at all costs.

Contrary to popular belief, pride and LGBT+ isn’t a new thing like conservatives like to impose on others, and believe. In fact, the first LGBT+ organization was founded in Germany in 1897, named The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. However, this wasn’t even the first incident of LGBT+ beliefs, the very first was in 1867 when Karl Heinrich Ulrichs who was removed from his position as an administrative lawyer when it became public knowledge that he was homosexual. LGBT+ people, their beliefs, and communities around them and created for them have existed since even before the internet was a thing.

On top of this, the first Gender Reassignment Surgery was actually done in 1906 when Karl M. Baer came out as a trans male, as well as another person who was the first person in the United States to undergo surgery, namely Christine Jorgensen.

Gender Reaffirming Care has been known to save lives, this can be read about here. A law was recently brought up in florida attempting to ban HRT and Gender Reassignment Surgery, contrary to what this people believe and what the paper says, Gender Reassigning Surgery and Gender Reaffirming Care have both been proven to have positive mental benefits to those who identify under a Transgender label. On top of this, hate for people within the LGBT+ umbrella seem to be harassed anyways still to this day for being gay, lesbian, bi, or any other that isn’t considered “normal” by society.

Adding onto the previous, religious groups, namely Christians seem to have the belief that all homosexuals go to hell, or at least a majority of Christians do, however, the irony in this is quite honestly two fold: 1. the Bible was written by man, there is no proof of a higher existence, and the fallacy of man prevents a book of such high power existing in the first place, 2. King James, who has written the most used Bible version, the King James version, as stated here:

In the United States, 55% of survey respondents who read the Bible reported using the King James Version in 2014, followed by 19% for the New International Version, with other versions used by fewer than 10%.

King James was actually, in himself, homosexual:

King James, commissioner of the Bible translation that bears his name, corresponded with three principal male favorites—Esmé Stuart (Lennox), Robert Carr (Somerset), and George Villiers (Buckingham). Esmé Stuart, James’ older French cousin, arrived in Scotland in 1579 and became an intimate adviser and friend to the adolescent king. Though Esmé was eventually forced into exile by Scottish nobles, his letters to James survive, as does James’ hauntingly allegorical poem Phoenix. The king’s close relationship with Carr began in 1607. James’ letters to Carr reveal remarkable outbursts of sexual frustration and passion.

Religion and bigotry seem to go hand in hand, and is the main reason I don’t personally consider myself Christian at this point. It goes against my beliefs, it goes against people who simply want to be themselves, and more over it inflicts trauma on those who want to truly explore and discover themselves by making people believe that believing or thinking anything else will result in you being tortured and burned for an eternity, and that’s just not something I will ever personally back, it is honestly cult-like behavior.

This whole ordeal and fight seems to be a war of heteronormativity and bigotry, as well as people having the brain thickness of a brick wall, refusing to accept anything that isn’t their own beliefs or what they were raised to believe. It is seriously, and unironically an attempted genocide of those who are simply trying to open up about who they are, who they are supposed to be, and what they are comfortable with.

For those who don’t consider this a genocide, as the definition of it says:

Genocide is the intentional destruction of a people — usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group — in whole or in part.

While the LGBT+ community is not a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group, keep in mind it says usually not always. The important part here is that what’s being done right now is, literally, an “intentional destruction of a people.” and if you think removing healthcare, removing mental support, harassing, torturing, forcing people to convert, and forcing minorities into poverty is not genocide, then you wouldn’t know what it is even if we tried explaining.

Happy pride month to those who celebrate, to those who are part of the community, to the allies who actually support us, and to those who have been here since before the internet was a thing. To those who are actively trying to kill us off, I hope you rot in the darkest, deepest pits of whatever hell you believe in, and I hope your kind is irradicated from this planet.